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The development of Intellectual Output O3 is the main result of the ECI project.
Its aim is to develop training tools and contents to operationalize the EntreComp Framework. Therefore, the partners have selected 6 competencies (see IO2) among the 15 competencies of the EntreComp Framework along the 3 competence areas of "Ideas and opportunities", "Resources" and "Into Action".

For each of the selected competencies, partners will develop
The development of the 3 modules in the respective country language as well as English represents a process and service-oriented innovation (according to the OECD Oslo Manual) for the entrepreneurs of the partner regions, as these modules enable the managers and employees to be individually qualified in the described problem areas.
The objective of the Intellectual Output is to facilitate both, instructed learning used by a trainer and self-studying units. The material will be flexible to meet the purpose of a learner studying the material on his/her own or support a trainer in imparting basic facts and figures about the topic.

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