ENTRECOMP IMPLEMENTATION - The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework Implementation

2.5 Mobilising Others


2.5 Mobilising Others

• Entrepreneur • Leadership • Transparency • Cooperation • House of enthusiasm • Communication • Online communication • Persuasion • Negotia&#



• Being aware of the main aspects of enthusiasm and inspiration • Becoming aware about the importance how to convince the target group • The own situation in the field of enthusiasm is clear • Being aware that a good prepared communication is very important to communicate your own ideas clearly to others • Communication is important to get others interested and excited about the own ideas • Knowing the secrets of good communication • Communication needs both types of system: digital and personal communication in a balance • Understand the concept and the basic characteristics of persuasion • Get familiar with the persuasion process • Learn how to effectively persuade others • Become aware of the importance of the negotiation


 Mobilising Others

Conviction through enthusiasm and inspiration

  Entrepreneurs today

Successful, innovative and persuading


  A tale of success

What distinguishes great successful entrepreneurs?


  Conviction makes the difference

  12 Aspects

  Handling Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is crucial in the success of a new venture, but it can also have a negative effect.

  My own capacities

How am I enthusiastic and convincing today?*



*The reader should first answer the two questions on the top and in a third step she/ he should list the own consequences.

  Steps to be perfect in conviction

  Motivation by the team leader

  House of Enthusiasm

  Guide for the House of Enthusiasm

1.Define first the most important target groups for you
2.Formulate at least 3 concrete aims for each group you want to achieve with your enthusiasm activities
3.Think about how to realize these aims: simple, clear and effective

Please note: Every route is fine. It’s always your private decision which way you choose.

Communication: effective, media oriented and sustainable

  What is communication?