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The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework: Valorising entrepreneurial spirits and sense of initiative of EU citizens

In 2016, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission – in partnership with DG Employment and Social Affairs and Inclusion – published EntreComp: The European Competences Framework. The framework consists of 15 key competences that professionals in the domain of entrepreneurial teaching and training recognised as instrumental to facilitate, nurture and support the emergence of entrepreneurial spirits, sense of initiatives and professional empowerment among EU citizens. Since its official publication, the JRC gathered further public interest on the model after releasing two very interesting follow-up document:




A detailed tool for all individuals on how to implement the framework with reference to their targets and operational settings (vocational education and training, active citizenship, social inclusion and equal opportunities for all, etc.). Moreover, the document provides for 70 case scenarios of EntreComp’s implementation that users can rely on as trustworthy best-practices for their own source of inspiration.

Year of publication: 2018

Following the same ratio of the previous, the “At Work” follow-up illustrates concrete means, recommendations and guidelines on how to transfer the framework in training and education settings for professionalization, capability building and employability. A total of 10 case studies give detailed insights into actual exploitation strategies of the EntreComp is support of Lifelong Learning opportunities in the labour market.

Year of Publication: 2020


ECI – EntreComp Implementation is a transnational project co-financed by the E+ programme aimed at valorising new training opportunities for the European VET ecosystem based on the EntreComp Framework. To know more about our initiatives, research, involved partners and training curricula please consult ECI’s website.

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