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Association for Education and Sustainable Development

Association for Education and Sustainable Development

The Association for Education and Sustainable Development (AESD) is an educational centre whose goal is to promote lifelong learning in society in order to facilitate the growth of active citizenship, increased social cohesion and higher levels of employment for all age groups. The association´s activities are:
• the implementation of formal and informal lifelong education courses,
• building an organized system of consulting throughout its region,
• the management and provision of information and training.
One of the key activities of the association is the on-going analysis of the needs of the region and the structuring and establishing of a network of local centres for distance learning. It pursues this strategy to ensure that quality education provision can be easily accessed in even the most disadvantaged areas. The association compliments the mainstream educational network offering more flexible, individually tailored and market-focussed courses for the lifelong learning of adults. One of the goals of the association is to give marginalized young adults access to lifelong learning and to provide job experience in order to help them obtain permanent, long-term employment. The city of Calarasi, where AESD is based, is one of the least developed regions of Romania.

Website: http://www.aesd.ro

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